Sticky Base

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Sticky base coat, prevents chipping, peeling. Grips polish to the nail and smooths out ridges in the natural nail

15 ml, always cruelty free

Ingredients-Ethyl Alcohol 64‐17‐525‐40%F R11 Butyl Acetate (**) 123‐86‐410‐25%F R10, R66, R67 Nitrocellulose 9004‐70‐05‐20%F R11 Ethyl Acetate (**) 141‐78‐61‐15%F, XI R11, R36, R66, R67 Heptane 64742‐49‐01‐11%F, XN, N R11, R50, R53, R65, R67 Isopropyl Alcohol * (**) 67‐63‐01‐11%F R37, R11, R36, R67 Propyl Acetate 109‐60‐40‐10%F, XI , R11, R36, R66, R67 Triphenyl Phosphate 115‐86‐60‐8%N R50, R53 Camphor