Whipped hand & Cuticle Caviar

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2 oz jar of whipped hand and cuticle caviar! Made with the finest moisturizing ingredients. Non greasy, it absorbs into dry skin very quickly 

Choose your scent in the drop down menu-

Funnel cake- is a light fluffy cinnamon sugar scent

Mango Papaya- is a tropical fruity scent

Bubblegum- well what can I say, it's bubblegum, on the old fashioned bazooka side

Perfect for daily use, on the go, in your your purse.... 

Recommended use 2-3 times a day


Our recipe is a custom blend of shea butter, coco butter, cupuachu butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, oatmeal, stearic acid, preservative optiphen (preservative) and fragrance.

Photos courtesy of the lovely and talented - Krystal @Queenofnails83, Trish @artisianloom.nailz, Arin @aloominous, Ebony @swatchslayer, Judy @judinkanailart, Becky @nail.daized, Tiffany @stunnin.nails and Tammy @nailskilzmom