Shiny Disco Ball - A linear holo base packed with every size holo glitter I own and a bit of aurora pigment to add some flare. This polish is textured and will require a healthy topcoat and will be a pain in the ass to remove but it is meant to be for an accent nail. The sparkle is mesmerizing. Every party needs a shiny Disco Ball!!!!!

15 ml, 5-free, always cruelty free

 Glitter- YESSSSSS

Opaque- 2-3 coats depending on application. 

Photos courtesy of the lovely and talented -Jessica B  @nailmedaily, Yvette @yvyvernis, Krystal @Queenofnails83, Becky @nail.dazed, Trish @artisianloom.nailz, Arin @aloominous and Gigi @lilahsgigi.nailz