Hurry up and Wait

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A teal jelly base, packed with linear holo, A strong blurple shift, blue holo micro glitter and Green, red, blue, violet shifting flakes. The name is a term that we all do to often rush to get nowhere!!! I need to smell the roses more often! Don’t you xoxo

15 ml, 5-free, always cruelty free

 Opaque- 2-3 coats depending on application

-Photos courtesy of the lovely and talented - Krystal @Queenofnails83, Trish @artisianloom.nailz, Arin @aloominous, Ebony @swatchslayer, Judy @judinkanailart, Becky @nail.daized, Tiffany @stunnin.nails and Tammy @nailskilzmom